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Blockchain Escrow for Financial and Cryptocurrency Markets

Investor funds are protected from fraud
Trading operations are recorded in blockchain
Buy assets such as CFDs, Futures, Shares for cryptocurrencies
Quick cryptocurrency purchase through a dedicated exchange

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$ 2M

Soft Cap

$ 1M

Hard Fund

Quarterly demand for creptaam tokens

BitTech tokens

Seamlessly strategize enabled methodologies whereas extensible schemas.

BitTech Tokenomics (Supply & Demand)

Demand for BitTech is largely driven by its utility. BitTech will be used to facilitate transactions in a number of different gaming industries including finance, logistics As these industries grow, so does the demand for BitTech.
The BitTech token will also be influenced by its use as a store of value. As more people begin to realize the potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, they may see TechBit as a safe haven asset to store their wealth.

The total supply of BitTech is 8,999,995,000 TEC. This number is fixed and no more BitTech can ever be created. This limited supply creates a builtin scarcity which can help drive demand for the token.

1. 30% will be available for public sale.
2. 10% ICO sale.
3. 30% will be given to the founding team and early investors.
4. 15% will be allocated for strategic partnerships and marketing.
5. 10% will be allocated for the development team.
6. 5% will be allocated for bounty programs.



ICO Details

ICO dates: March 25th — December 1st, 2023

  • Payment for services

    Globally deliver open-source meta-services before process-centric.

  • Company services

    Collaboratively iterate dynamic synergy for frictionless e-tailers. Holisticly engage backend products vis-a-vis top-line ROI.

  • Utility token

    Globally simplify extensible scenarios before 2.0 synergy.

  • Listing on exchanges

    Enthusiastically network collaborative synergy and extensible catalysts for change. Interactively embrace client-centered testing.

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  • Token


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  • Nominal Value


  • Token Type



Appropriately procrastinate market-driven networks whereas progressive architectures.
whiteboard orthogonal potentialities vis-a-vis team driven vortals.



Stage – 01

1⃣Website Launch✅
2⃣Contract Deployment✅
3⃣Listing (PancakeSwap)✅
4⃣Update BscScan token
5⃣Advertising campaigns

6⃣Complete Website



Stage – 02

1⃣Influencer Promotions

2⃣Coinmarketcap Listing

3⃣CoinGecko Listing

4⃣Audit Solutions Platform Development

5⃣Media Promotions

Mods TEC

It is part of the Soccer series of games and is essentially a massively multiplayer online version of the popular SPORT franchise. Players build their own virtual soccer team or Pro Club and compete online against other players in tournaments, leagues and cups. The game also allows players to take part in online and offline matchmaking, create their own custom tournaments, and join or form custom professional clubs.


We aim to implement the virtual football mode in the crypto world, helping to negotiate the crypto(TEC) contract and for each player to evaluate the year based on performance.


We will work with any existing platform by implementing our currency (TEC) into their system. This will make the game more interesting and add value to the players and increase their market value.


Also creating and managing a club, managing promotion activities, training and developing players, selecting teams and competing in tournaments and leagues through our algorithm.


Also, the chance to create and manage a fan base, allowing players to build their own fan base and interact with them.


Players create their own team, selecting players and coaches via the TEC crypto contract and managing their team throughout the season.


The chance to compete with other players from around the world and win prizes such as crypto (TEC) covertiti an real money.

Security Advisor

Media Partners

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Appropriately procrastinate market-driven networks whereas progressive architectures.
whiteboard orthogonal potentialities vis-a-vis team driven vortals.




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